Morgan Bay Activities

Morgan Bay Activities

Morgan Bay has a wealth of activities and things to do, to keep you and your family occupied on your holidays.

Beach Sports

Our flat, sandy beach is great for ball games like beach cricket, rugby and tennis. A beach touch rugby tournament, which is organised by the Morgan Bay Hotel, is held once a year between Christmas and New Year. The dunes further along the beach are good for sandboarding and at 1.6km long, our beach is also ideal for jogging and walking. Activities include swimming, fishing, kite flying, body boarding, surfing, beach soccer, dog walking, sand castle building, horse riding, shell collecting and beachcombing.

Water Sports

The Morgan Bay beach is protected by lifeguards during the peak December season and the lagoon is a safe place for children still learning to swim. Engine powered boats are not permitted on the Inchara Lagoon, which makes it an ideal playground for canoeing, wind surfing and dinghy sailing. For surfers there is a point break that produces perfect right hand barrels that funnel into the bay. Winter offers the best conditions when off shore winds meet ground swells from the south. Kite boarders can also get their kicks in the waves on the beach, when the wind is up.

Rock, Surf, River & Deep Sea Fishing

From the beach at Morgan's Bay, anglers can catch kob, garrick, white steenbras and an array of smaller fish. To the west of Morgan Bay, there are several excellent fishing spots along the steep cliffs, including Pulpit Rock and Keightley's Kranz. However, these spots are considered dangerous and are difficult to access, so should not be fished with out the company and advice of local anglers. There is also an estuary at the Double Mouth Nature Reserve, 4km from Morgan's Bay, which is one of the only places on the Eastern Cape where there has been a recorded catch of a river snapper. This makes the estuary a perfect place for light-tackle and saltwater fly-fishermen. Good fishing is also to be had in the Kei River, just 7km away. You can also charter a deep-sea ski boat or launch your own from the Kei River mouth.

Note: A marine protected area extends south from the mouth of the Kei river to the mouth of the Nyara river, near Haga Haga, and 3km out to sea from the high water mark. Fishing from ski-boats and other motorised craft is not permitted in this area. A map of the protected area is displayed at the entrance to the beach.

Yellowwood Forest

Wander on down to Yellowwood Forest. Beneath the trees you will find a magical playground and tree house with decks, ladders, bridge, swings, slides, trampolines, toys, bikes and carts to keep kids amused. They also have bunnies, guinea pigs and birds. The river has a small natural swimming hole with high rocks surrounding it from which to do bomb drops.

Head down to the far end of the campsite, where an impressive 300 year-old Yellowwood tree stands guard at the entrance to the Bushbuck Trail. Be on the lookout for forest residents as you make your way towards the Giant Fig tree, past the fairie grotto and monkey swings, and the upper reaches of the Morgan Bay lagoon. Sit inside the wishing tree’s massive trunk and stare up at the enormous hammerkop nest towering overhead. From here the path winds its way inland through the forest and past the swamp in a circle ending back where you started.

Bring your bicycle! A short walk/ride away is the Morgan bay dam for bass fishing, swimming and canoeing.

Bring your bicycle! A short walk/ride away is the Morgan bay dam for bass fishing, swimming and canoeing.


The Kei Mouth Country Golf Course was officially established in 1933 and complimented with its own Clubhouse in 1988. It maintains a membership of 500 managed by a strong and skilled committee. Positioned alongside the Cape Morgan Nature Reserve it consists of a 9 hole Links Course with separate Tee-boxes making it a comfortable 18 hole round of golf. The course is always immaculately maintained and ready for competitions. The Club House houses showers, Squash Courts, Bar and Kitchen facilities. All Holes have magnificent sea views. Contact: 043 8411083

Wild Coast Horseback Adventures

Meander from surf to savanna, exploring hidden coves and beaches, while experiencing the essence of rural Africa on horse back. 6 nights 7 days Wild Coast Horse Trail. 8 nights 10 day Surf and Turf Safari. 1 to 14 day's custom made Castaway Trails. Day rides and beach trails. 1 to 12 weeks Gap Year & Career break Working Horse Riding Holidays. Torstone Sport Horses - competitive endurance horses and high quality pleasure riding horses.

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Elunxwemeni Township Tours

Fancy visiting a Spaza Shop or a Shebeen (local Tavern)? Would you like to consult a Traditional Healer or drink Umqombothi (traditional beer)? Have you seen the amaXhosa in their traditional attire, listened to their music and eaten their food? Come and experience a day in the life of the locals of iCwili township and experience all of this and more! Elunxwemeni Township Tours has been sharing the Xhosa culture with local and international visitors for over two years and will walk you from door to door as you meet the locals, learn their customs, play with their children and experience all aspects of Xhosa life. Siyabulela Aubrey Kema is your friendly and welcoming guide, and he started Elunxwemeni Township Tours with the purpose of sharing his African roots with visitors and reducing the unemployment rate. The walk takes two hours and can be customised to meet your requirements.

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The Strandloper Trail

Kei Mouth is the start of the popular Strandloper Trail, which starts in the Cape Morgan Nature Reserve and passes through Morgans Bay, Haga Haga and the Jikeleza Route villages before terminating at Gonubie. Described as "the one trail where you can savour the feeling of solitude on an unspoilt beach and down a bar lunch in a cosy pub barely an hour later." The trail is almost 60 km in total and takes 4 days to complete. The going is easy and it can be walked throughout the year, with the best weather experienced between February and May.

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Game Drives at Endalweni Private Game Reserve

Visit Endalweni Private Game Reserve just 8km away and see impala, blesbuck, bushbuck, nyala, kudu, blue duiker, common duiker, red hartebeest, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, common reedbuck, Burchell's zebra, giraffe, gennet, mongoose, caracal, black-backed jackal, porcupine, bushpig, warthog, leguaan, vervet monkey, baboon as well as a plethora of bird and plant species.

Rockfacelabs - Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Come and climb or abseil on our beautiful cliffs, there are around 500 short routes on the cliffs just West of town, ranging from grade 10-27, with the majority in the moderate (17-22) grade range. The blocky dolerite rock is rough and generally of excellent quality, with most routes following obvious crack lines. For all ages and a lovely outdoor experience.

Dirk: 078 296 4906 | Jonothan: 076 316 2543 |


Morgan Bay has confirmed sightings of over 270 species of birds, with birding areas range from back gardens to the banks the lagoon, municipal dam, Yellowwood Forest, the beach, cliffs and coastal forest of Cape Morgan Nature Reserve. Species include: Sunbirds, Hornbills, Bulbuls, Barbets, Weavers, Canaries, Waxbills, Crowned Cranes, Fish Eagles, Jackal Buzzards, Long Crested Eagles, Crowned Eagles, Goliath Heron, Water Dikkop, Kingfishers, Plovers, Reed Cormorants, Darters, Herons, Forest Weavers, Black Headed Orioles, Narina Trogons, Oystercatchers and much more.

Download our up to date bird checklist here: Morgan Bay Bird List (270 species)
Download the Yellowwood Forest checklist here: Yellowwood Forest Bird List (153 species)