The Forest, Morgan Bay

Our forests are an integral part of Morgan Bay’s landscape. Seen from the beach, along the coast to Cape Morgan Lighthouse, and up river beyond the upper reaches of the lagoon, they are especially unique and easily accessible, something not to be missed.

Take the link road to Kei Mouth and see both the forest and Morgan Bay from an entirely different perspective. Frequented by a variety of bird life, including the rare African Finn foot, it is a great place to explore on windy days, when it offers protection from coastal winds and the hot midday sun.

Explore the trails from Yellowwood Forest and meet the Grand Old Yellowwood, believed to be more than 300 years old or sit inside the “legs” of the ancient fig. Be quiet, there are otters and fairies at play. Wander along the Forest edge up the Inchara river and do bomb drops into the swimming hole or cool off under the waterfall before heading to the dam for a swim or a spot of fishing.